Simone – Taxi (1987)

Simone – Taxi (1987) // سيمون – تاكسي




One of the most unique allround popartists of the Arab 80’s and early 90’s is the beautiful Simone. Her songs are very light and happy! She covered a lot of western popsongs in Arabic, but her original songs are very cool as well! This taxi song is an Arabic cover of the song Frankie by Sister Sledge, but she didn’t use the instrumental of that song. The instruments were re-produced which gave it a totally different feel. This song has a higher pitch than the Sister Sledge original that better suits Simone’s voice. This song feels very youthfull, that although it’s from ’87 I feel like it is very contemporary. It’s a piece about a girl who is trying to stop a taxi so she won’t be late for her date. Timeless!

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