Ahmed el Haggar – Lamlimt Giyout el Shams

Ahmed el Haggar – Lamlimt Giyout el Shams 1992 // احمد الحجار - لملمت خيوت الشمس

This song is just special! The Egyptian Ahmed el Haggar is part of a very musical family. There is also the more known Ali el Haggar who is his brother, but they are all true musicians with heart for good compositions and deep lyrics. The moment this song kicks in with the Oud and the upwardy bass you know you are in for a treat! Pull up!! And let’s not get into the poetic lyrics, the songs starts with ‘lamlimt giyout el shams, 3alasham agzilik shal’, meaning ‘I collected the sun’s rays, so I can knit you a scarf’. Damn, I’m not the poetic type, but this one got me all fluffy and wondering what the heck life actually means!

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