Vicka 92 – Tirilla // فيكا ٩٢ – تريلا

Vicka 92 – Tirilla (1992)// فيكا ٩٢ – تريلا

This song called ‘Tirilla’ is from the Nubian-Egyptian singer Vicka. This song used to be a popular hit in the early 90’s that was heard out of microbusses that where honking and playing this tune. It was the only hit that Vicka put forward and I always imagined whether he had made other cassettes. While digging in Cairo I remember coming across another cassette of his with his name and the date the cassette was put forward. I put it aside while digging for more cassettes but I lost track of it when trying to find it again. Still wondering how it would have sounded. Hopefully one day the stars will be alligned and it will bring us together once again! For now, let’s just enjoy this awesome low quality sound with high quality catchiness!

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