Nora – El Hob el Sahl (Easy love)

Nora - El Hob el Sahl

It’s been a while that I uploaded a song here. So it was time for another tune! This cassette has a fun encounter.  I was in Cairo two years ago for some digging, and I had dug in a warehouse with 11.000 cassettes. I had found alot of cassettes I didn’t listen to but only took home to my Cairo appartment. I didn’t have time to listen to all the cassettes. So I left a lot of them there as I had to get back to the Netherlands for some work. My last trip to Cairo in 2020 BC (before corona) I was there to find some new cassettes, but I could find that much this time. So I started listening to some cassettes that had passed my attention for cassettes at home. This cassettes didn’t catch my attention in the beginning and I almost had left it again, but I fasted forward through the cassette and I heard this tune. I was stunned as it was an amazing Arabic cover by Nora of the 1993 song ‘Be my lover’by La bouche.

I digitized the song and remastered it to the best ability. The song might be produced in 1997 as the numbers ٩٧ (97) are shown on the cassette, but it doesn’t explicitly say whether it’s the yeardate or not. Loving the 90’s Nora vibe on the cover. If there are any producers outthere that would be interested in collabing on an edit of this one, let me know, I think it could be a nice one with a hard hitting kick and base for the club! Yallah bye!

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  1. Cameron Masters says:

    Hi! I saw this on IG. Love it. Up there with Simone’s Mabsouta and the Kamal Oujdi Ace of Base track. Wondering if there’s a way to get a hold of the file? Just want to listen to it for my own enjoyment! Thanks!!

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