Fouad Abdel Migied – Da3ani

Fouad Abdel Migied - Da3ani (Remastered) // فؤاد عبد المجيد - دعاني

Ramadan Mubarak everybody! Ramadam is a month of vasting, and also of spirituality and contemplation. I would like to introduce to you, Fouad Abdel Migied. On New Year’s eve 1980 Fouad Abdel Migied was on Egyptian tv for the first time at the age of 54. Before that time he was hesitant to become popular or to sing in front of big audiences because he was asking himself whether music is haram. Because of this unresloved question he had only sung for 30 years behind closed doors, in salons with friends. He researched and asked different Islamic scholars untill he was convinced of an answer. This answer was: ‘Music can be both haram or halal, it is the message that you portray through the music that determines which one it is.’ And this answer is what brought us this amazing soul with lived experience and music full of poetic mu’shi7at fuzed with orchestral compositions by Abdel Halim Nuwera. Two different schools of art blended into this one of a kind song.

This cassette I saw at the Bongo Joe store in Switzerland, and the guys were so friendly to let me digitize the cassette. I remastered the sound a bit, hope you will enjoy! #RamadanMubarak



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